Green Pullover

„The Green Pullover“ This is an absolutely senseless Corona project, which popped up in January last year. As a locked-down international industry photographer I had almost nothing to do. A good friend visited me in my office and we talked about the strange times. Then he said, “You have to do something … make some ‘creative’ stuff”. I looked at him, sitting there in front of me in the ugliest green pullover I’d ever seen. And the project was born. One idea led to another and during the course of the year I created a complete series of nine pictures. The first piece was ‘Spring’ which, apart the season, is also in German a word meaning ‘jump’ (as in the British word ‘jumper’). And as such, each piece is inspired by the word “pullover” and the colour green. “Senseless”? Maybe! But it’s probably the only sensible thing I did last year.;-)

Laterns in Madeira

Energy Moods